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To broker complex relationships, The Structured Speculation Platform and the SPECULATE engine employ an encrypted block chain ledger for all activities.

This provides the foundation for several auditing and security measures that reduce the probability of fraud or abuse. Data is stored in an immutable environment where it cannot be modified, deleted, or stolen by any individual. The decentralized nature of the data is much more difficult to hack.

A stored audit history enables a node to verify the data they are running for correctness by verifying it against the ledger. The data is replicated to all nodes on the network, which ensures that it is stored with redundancy. SPECULATE provides a transparent way to make trades using smart contracts where inputs are anonymous, and outputs are published on the block chain.

These input and output values can be placed in a context within the network and then examined against the constraints of each other to potentially fulfill multiple outcomes upon completion.

SPECULATE is designed to:

  • Identify the most effective strategies for a given issue.
  • Organize and integrate potentially aligned groups.
  • Create “double-blind” agreements to eliminate fraud, abuse, and protect the interests of all parties.
  • Broker transactions and execute smart contracts as required for a given issue.
  • Use a learning algorithm to optimize the workflow.
  • Engage in fair and equitable negotiations, with the core belief that all present parties are respected and have an equal opportunity.

STRUCTURED SPECULATION is a uniquely powerful methodology designed to help affect systemic change in society through collaboration.

The SPECULATE engine is designed to take the power of the speculative future out of the hands of the few and put it into the hands of people around the world, by allowing them to submit ideas that solve problems or address issues of their concern.

SPECULATE has been designed from the ground up for social application.

The most critical element of this engine is its architecture, which allows anyone to submit an idea or post a comment and become part of the larger conversation, without having to invest any capital or undergo the training necessary to master a tool or platform.

Smart Contracts

The ability to trust relationships and transactions can be considered the most critical aspect of collaboration through Structured Speculation methodologies.

The potential for abuse or manipulation is significant, so any system in this realm must have built-in protections that prevent such outcomes.

Smart Contracts are the guarantees of protections implemented by pre-specified rules and constraints on automatically executed transactions.

This reduces opportunities for misunderstandings or abuses that could otherwise be harmful to relationships.

A smart contract is a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.

The objective of smart contracts to reduce the for need of trusted intermediators, arbitrations and enforcement costs, fraud losses, along with the reduction of malicious or accidental misuse.

Smart contracts provide a fair and equitable way for groups to collaborate and exchange ideas with one another with minimal overhead.

They also enable greater programmatic consensus across complex sets of stakeholders and conditions by implementing the concept of the transparent “double-blind” protocol for negotiations and outcomes.

The biggest implication of this impressive technology is its ability to be a proactive facilitator for the resolution of complex issues on a global scale.

Ensuring secure and transparent transactions also enables constituents to leverage their intellectual property rights to secure additional value for the entire network without individual risk.

Structured Solutions’ architectural approach to delivering conditional elements facilitates double-blind participation among parties, regardless of identity, ideology, or differences of opinion.

Smart Contracts manage these exchanges transparently.

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