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The Structured Speculation Charter provides definition and differentiation, for collaboration and accountability, and the guidelines for how members and participants align to conduct themselves after joining.

The Charter is a set of universal rules that Structured Speculation-enabled projects must comply by.

It was designed with recommendations from the United Nations and Open AI, to emphasize humanity’s happiness and wellbeing and our planet’s sustainability.

This Charter unifies all nations through its universality; polarization is minimized through collective responsibility for happy and healthy lives. Individual liberties are maintained while human rights are allowed total protection and maximum respect, sustainable environmental policies are proposed to minimize long term suffering while maximizing short-term benefits, comprehensive innovation initiatives produce radical possibility pipelines at an industrial scale without bias or neglecting any demographic group based on traditional notions of race, nationality ethnicity.


To promote unity and knowledge through a structured process of imagining, exploring, and creating actualized realities.

By fostering collaboration among diverse perspectives, the Structured Speculation process enables individuals to transcend boundaries of time, place, culture, and experience so that people can combine knowledge toward better decisions for present communities while providing realistic pathways for future generations.

This is achieved by harnessing modern computational power to explore limitless potentialities with a more systematic approach.

Safety Protocol

“Structured Solutions must be free from those conditions that can cause physical, psychological, or social harm to people, including but not limited to death, injury, illness, distress, misinformation, or radicalization, damage to or loss of property or opportunity, or damage to the environment, and promote the theory of common rule through mutual aid.”


The Structured Speculation Charter is the legal body governing and protecting Structured Speculation project development and governance. To function effectively we need to define what “fair” means in this context;

Anyone with the intent of promoting global goodwill is eligible to participate in a Structured Speculation project as long as they comply with this charter. The intent is the value judgment of the trusted participants. Structured speculation creates

  1. Innovative solutions that are realistic and achievable,
  2. Systematic and scalable ways to solve problems and innovate, and
  3. Practical beliefs that benefit all involved parties by seeking broad input, fostering collaboration across diverse perspectives, encouraging open expression and listening openly.

The formal responsibility of this group is to offer proposals for the solutions, and not to produce a mandate. The trustworthiness of this group stems from their demonstrated ability to purposefully solve problems given the information available at the time. Structured speculation cannot be used as coercion or compulsion for any individual or entity that refused participation.

Membership Types

Membership is non-exclusive; anyone who is interested in proactively creating solutions that are systematic, achievable, scalable, innovative, and realistic to benefit society can join.

Individual Membership involves education about Structured Speculation and an invitation to become a member. Once an individual becomes a member they gain access to all materials available on the site and are able to participate in various ways with people of the same interest group, either in broad inter-cultural communities or those solely from their discipline via Member’s Groups (page).

Logicstic Membership resides within various sectors or work groups combined with existing stakeholders or experts who care about its future. They inject feedback and direction into specific projects that may need guidance for both next steps as well as other detail oriented considerations.

Observer An optional category includes participants who do not belong to any kind of mandate but actively participate in desired discussions or content creators who wish to share their own ideas outside of scheduled events. A fundamental principle of Structured Speculation is that everyone matters equally regardless their level of involvement.

Projects utilizing this charter must find a way leverage current limitations and realities in order to improve rather than attempt complex (or impossible) feats such as user displacement or inhumane operating conditions; stimulating success without disrupting progress.

They must drive systematic change through collaboration rather than competition; acknowledge humans have made mistakes in the past but can learn from them without repeating them – meaning no forced relocation before compensation is provided. Projects will support compromise which compels flourishing cooperation so both parties benefit – not impose their ideas unilaterally like imperialistic powers that undertake unequal arrangements for exploitation.

The Structured Speculation Charter is a framework for how to be productive in collaborative environments and problem solving. This charter offers an approach to the process of structuring how things are tackled from ideation and creativity, implementation, and management. The Structured speculation considers collaboration as a means of driving change not just locally but also regionally, nationally, and internationally encompassing perceptions through inclusive attitudes.

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