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SPECULATE can generate an entirely new future
from any idea that can be described, or imagined.

The generative capabilities of SPECULATE allow it to infer, generate and reverse engineer the conditions which might be necessary for an outcome hold true. It then identifies actions that will pave way for to fulfill those conditions, and simultaneously adjust for any unpredicted factors.

The web interface provides a space where Structured Solutions are defined, and their progress is tracked. One of the site’s purposes is to provide anyone who has a good idea the knowledge base and tools needed to communicate that idea, track its progress, and create lasting systemic change.

Others may be interested in browsing Structured Solutions for inspiration or for opportunities to get involved in issues of importance.

Users can either submit conditions of satisfaction for public speculation or keep a project limited to specific teams or organizations.

Ideas submitted by users populate a global idea pool database, promoting collaboration among many perspectives on any given problem or issue.

At any time, users may update Structured Solutions based on their own work to optimize using new information gained through research or improve them through creative ideation.

Users may also subsets solutions into classification groups which generate related projects across complex methods.

This saves time as periods of deep engagement with one project allows creativity free reign without taking focus away from other pursuits.

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