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We need you to help us build this collaborative playground for modeling, engineering, and fulfilling any future
that can be imagined.

We will create vividly rich solutions quickly that share the visions created collaboratively!

You are invited to join us in bridging knowledge shared transparently with others through Structured Speculation!

Be part of the first team to build a platform for designing and engineering any future that can be imagined! As a part of this team you will have an opportunity to:

  • Generate solutions to serious world problems, in partnership with others who share your values so the outcome is more likely to get adopted by those on the receiving end of solutions generated through Structured Speculation workshops.
  • Partner with other world-changing agents of change who are inventing new models for creating abundance in today’s society; think cooperative micro-factories, peer-to-peer economic distribution networks and encrypted block chains as just a few examples
  • Learn how you (and others) can use current technology to transcend current limitations and anticipate where innovation will take us in the future
  • Enjoy the thrill that comes from solving an apparently impossible puzzle or coming up with a breakthrough solution when no one had seen it before
  • Speculate with people outside your comfort zone or intellectual neighborhood so you come up with new thoughts and ideas that would never have occurred otherwise!
  • Meet like-minded individuals committed to contributing towards existential risks proactively

The platform website will be function seamlessly on PCs, smartphones and tablets. and on all major browser platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Support for mobile-specific browsers (e.g. Android or Apple’s Safari) will help allow the site to support both small-screened mobile devices as well as desktops with increased screen resolutions.

Estimated Initial Development Requirements:

  • Four Front-end Developers
  • Three Middle-ware Developers
  • Two Database Developers
  • One Data Scientist
  • One Graphic Designer
  • One Product Manager
  • Two Writers
  • One Content strategist
  • One Project Manager
  • Specific recommendations as to staffing:
  • 5 Senior Front-end Developers
  • 2 Web Developers
  • 1 User Interface designer
  • 1 Systems Architect
  • 2 Working group moderators
  • 2 Financial analysts

Ready to start collaborating?

Send us a message stating your interest, background, and what you bring to the project!

Drop us a line at info@structuredspeculation.com or visit our website or Slack channel for more information!

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