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As Structured Solutions grow in scale and complexity, it is essential to have a robust way to track the progress of numerous conditions, relationships, resources, and various other moving parts.

This includes managing and recording revisions to a myriad of elements as new information is revealed and new possibilities pathways emerge.

Structured Speculation utilizes deep learning neural intelligence to generate, organize, and manage ideas. Deep learning is instrumental in designing and generating Structured Solutions that engage with artificial intelligence agents and individuals alike.

The principles of the Structured Speculation framework are designed to integrate with a sophisticated generative artificial intelligence tool called SPECULATE.

SPECULATE stands for Strategic Predictive Engine for Collaboration Utilizing Learning Algorithms To Engage.

Astoundingly, this name was chosen by the engine itself when asked to generate an acronym that describe its capabilities.

SPECULATE was created to address the need for a robust system that would allow anyone willing to participate in the research and development of a Structured Solution to help contribute to the future.

It allows anyone to input their desired outcomes and actions into the neural network, to find similar ideas and ways for these ideas to contribute towards the outcome.
The real magic happens when SPECULATE is tasked with engineering and managing the fulfillment of a Structured Solution.

The engine generates, organizes, manages, and brokers most of the complex logistical elements within a Structured Solution.
Solutions are constructed by collecting information about projects, policies, benefits, activities, or laws, and searching for ways to have them work together. This process is ongoing- looking forward and back at existing conditions- to identify the needs for a desired outcome.

The emphasis throughout the process is an understanding that the goals outlined are achievable if all stakeholders work together cooperatively and understand the necessary resources to get there from where they currently sit.

A Structured Solution contains enough information about its intent to drive understanding towards how best to achieve success across organizations and groups without being pie-in-the-sky.

SPECULATE relies on computational muscle provided by these AI algorithms and predictive analytics to identify patterns across datasets and build logical chains.
These create insights useful for problem solving scenarios. It considers positive feedback loops and mechanisms that will maintain goals when they are achieved.
Complex patterns are uncovered in data sets and leads are translated into actionable opportunities which are distributed across the Structured Speculation network.

SPECULATE pulls from an expansive set of high-quality data models selected according to the specific needs of a particular project or goal. Additional collaborative partners with access to expertise, other assets or contributions can be automatically sourced from those communities.

This process eliminates the need for any one individual or organization to invest in an uncertain venture. Even if the investment proves to be ineffective, there is no downside as the individual or organization can then choose to donate their contribution to a different project.

The platform utilizes deep learning algorithms such as GPT-3 from OpenAI, latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) and other state-of-the-art techniques to generate predictive outcomes about future scenarios.

The engine relies on integrity-based rules about what constitutes success and rejects those practices which are incompatible with human rights to ensure against negative outcomes that might otherwise arise.

SPECULATE assesses the probability that a particular approach may be successful, and then offers that opportunity to a group that can pledge to link an action with a contingency.

The result is a flexible road map that allow for updating conditions leading up to completion. This flexibility helps deal with future unknowns by iterating periodically towards most promising outcomes, eventuating optimum paths within this framework over time.

The SPECULATE engine conducts a recursive number of division searches across various categories and specializations to find the correct partner that is aligned with the outcome of the Structured Solution. Additional collaborative partners and team members with access to expertise, other assets or contributions from those communities can be easily sourced from these details.

This process eliminates the need for any one individual or organization to invest in an uncertain venture. Even if the investment proves to be ineffective, there is no downside as the individual or organization can then choose to donate their contribution to a different project.

The tools to uncover these hidden opportunities are what set the Structured Speculation methodology apart, generating the structural outline of a project and proactively scouring the globe for resources and partnerships that would make that possible.

Results are monitored until either a goal has been fully achieved or it must be dealt with differently due to lack of support, unavailable resources, or some other contingency renders a Structured Solution inviable.

A successful Structured Solution ends when ALL required Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) have been met.

Smaller projects or simpler goals may not require this level of collaborative specificity yet can still benefit from the methodology overall.

When there is something larger that needs tackling, there is no better way than engaging the power of both human creativity and deep neural intelligence engines from all over the world at once.

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