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The Structured Solution framework organizes and displays all the conditions that are estimated as necessary for any goal to be complete.

Structured Speculation differs from many project management strategies because it is not attached to any singular critical path to the goal. Rather it imagines the realm of conditions that are plausibly necessary for something to exist and what it would take to get there from where we are today.

Conditions are broken down into elements which are similarly analyzed and categorized into discrete actions and benchmarks.

These Conditional Elements are promoted and shared as feasible opportunities which contribute directly to the resolution and outcome of a mutually desired accomplishment.

Each Structured Solution is built around nodes which gather and organize conditions and elements and provides methods to visualize connections and dependencies. It tracks and manages progress toward goals in real-time and facilitates collaboration among parties who may not otherwise have access or influence over one another.

Results are monitored until either a goal has been fully achieved or it must be dealt with differently due to lack of support, unavailable resources, or some other contingency renders a Structured Solution inviable.

A successful Structured Solution ends when ALL required Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) have been met.

Smaller projects or simpler goals may not require this level of collaborative specificity yet can still benefit from the methodology overall.

When there is something larger that needs tackling, there is no better way than engaging the power of both human creativity and deep neural intelligence engines from all over the world at once.

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