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Structured Solutions

A Structured Solution represents the collected maze of proposed outcomes, resources and pathways are captured in a single logical unit.

From a high level, Structured Solutions define the desired outcome, identify, and manage resources, and track the overall and progress toward a goal.

A Structured Solution starts by establishing what the desired outcome is, followed by listing all the conditions which are hypothetically necessary for this accomplishment to have completed successfully – even if the conditions themselves represent components which do not presently exist or will require additional research.

This allows for considering future technologies and unknown elements which are assumed to eventually be available, to take all possible scenarios into account, regardless of how unlikely today.

Structured Solutions can be visualized as maps of routes to accomplishment. As time passes various possible pathways emerge and are mapped out accordingly as new knowledge becomes known during collaboration.

The process creates conditions where people who share specific values can find alignment with new goals they may not have envisioned when the project started initially.